You Won't Go Wrong With These Holiday Corporate Gifts

Collage of Brightlane holiday gift boxes

At Brightlane, we pride ourselves on the variety in our product selection and staying on top of industry trends. We’re always working to create new, fun and colorful corporate gift boxes; our buyers spend a lot of time throughout the year conducting research, visiting trade shows and brainstorming to uncover the best possible selection for client and employee gift boxes. We also vet all our vendors and products and insist on brands that match our values, including ethical sourcing, giving back and sustainability.

Suffice it to say our 2023 Holiday Gift Box Collection has been a long time coming. We’ve been excited to put in all that work and now, we’re thrilled to share this collection with you!

As always, thoughtful gifts demonstrate that your company values its employees and cares about their well-being. With 21 gift holiday gift boxes to choose from, there’s lots of room to find the perfect gift box for each employee or client! Let’s take a look at our collection by themes: Food & Drink, Fun & Celebration, Home & Office and Wellness.

Food & Drink

Jingle Brunch Holiday Gift Box

It’s hard to go wrong with food & drink-themed holiday corporate gift boxes. That’s why we offer so many! With focus on everything from brunch to cocktails (and just about everything in between), you’re sure to find a gift box for every personality. Coffee, chocolate, spirits, pancakes, snacks, tea… you name it, we’ve got it! Personalizing gift boxes for your employees’ tastes (see what we did there?) is easy with this collection.

Fun & Celebration

Yuletide Yums & Euchre Gift Box

Maybe food or drink isn’t quite what your team members need, or you’re looking for something more unique. Look no further! We’ve got fun and festive employee gift boxes that are centered around fun games with cards, dice, dominoes and more. We even added snacks! Yuletide, Yums and Euchre (above) has everything necessary for a fun evening in. Games make fantastic holiday gifts for employees and clients for several reasons:

  1. Games provide an opportunity to unwind and have fun! That’s something that can positively impact both motivation and job satisfaction.
  2. Playing games promotes stress relief and relaxation. Engaging in enjoyable activities can help employees take a break from their work-related pressures and recharge.
  3. Many games require creative thinking and problem-solving, which can help employees exercise these skills in a non-work-related context.

Home & Office

Holiday Superstar corporate gift box

We love all our gift boxes in this holiday collection and think they work well for just about any team member, client or associate. Sometimes, though, you need to go above and beyond to recognize your office stars and top notch clients. Deck the Office Halls and Holiday Superstar (above) are stunning corporate gift boxes, loaded with useful, elegant items and snacks that are sure to make your superstars feel super appreciated.


Teas the Season holiday gift box

For many businesses, the holidays are the most hectic and stressful time of the year. Remind your team, or your clients, that rest and relaxation are just as important as the bottom line with these lovely gift boxes and their soothing items like teas and mindfulness helpers. Teas the Season (above) even includes a lovely scented candle and a sweet treat!

The holidays are a wonderful time to recognize and appreciate your staff, bosses, clients and team members. Make the event memorable with corporate gift boxes from Brightlane! We’ve got so many options, it’s easy to make each recipient feel special. You can even add your company logo to a unique selection of products (including candy), notecards, overlays and even packing tape.

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