Top 5 Gift Boxes for VIP Clients


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Giving VIP clients a gift can be a strategic and thoughtful gesture to show appreciation or celebrate a milestone. It’s an act that is sure to build and strengthen the relationship. But what’s the best way to proceed?

When choosing corporate gifts for VIP clients, it's essential to make a thoughtful and lasting impression. It’s a unique opportunity, and not one to be taken lightly. After all, positive word-of-mouth can help boost sales, and memorable gifts have been known to incentivize loyalty and enhance customer satisfaction. With so many different personality types and interests, choosing might seem difficult. Brightlane is here to help! While every one of our curated gift boxes are fit for a VIP, we’ve chosen what we think of as our five top corporate gift boxes for your VIP clients:


Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage Gift Box

Does your VIP travel frequently? Then consider our specially curated Bon Voyage Gift Box, above. Each item inside is both gorgeous and useful. Best of all, the sleek tumbler that’s ideal for hot or cold liquids can be branded with a company logo! With each use of any of these unique and fun giftables, your VIP will be reminded of your company’s thoughtfulness.


Foodie Delights

Foodie Delights Gift Box

Most everyone loves to receive food, but make sure to keep your gift ideas in the “unique but something everyone should love” realm. You might curate a selection of gourmet foods, fine wines, or premium chocolates from local or international artisans. Or you could let Brightlane do the work for you. Our Foodie Delights Gift Box, above, contains infused garlic salt and a garlic press, a lovely set of wooden scoops and even a small-plates cookbook. We’ve got many other food and drink gift boxes to choose from, centering around snacks, coffee, wine and more. As with all gift boxes, make sure to include a personalized note; we’ll make sure the presentation is impeccable.


Welcome New Baby

Welcome New Baby Gift Box

Families are important, too! Reminding your VIPs that they’re more than just their job title can be a great idea. Our Welcome New Baby gift box, above, is ideal for new parents. With its soft plushie, adorable book and more, this lovely and colorful gift box is sure to stand out in a crowd. We’ve got other family-oriented gift boxes too, like Family Game Night, which has delicious snacks and fun games, and Cozy at Home, with its card game options and sugar cookie mix. The quality of our gift boxes will speak for themselves and paint your company in the best possible light. 


Holiday Superstar

Holiday Superstar Gift Box

We’ve mentioned that personalizing your gifts is the best way to go above and beyond in your gifting efforts. Sometimes, though, you may want to offer a thank you or milestone gift for a VIP client that you just don’t seem to know all that well. We’ve got star-studded gift box ideas for them, too! Both the hardcover notebook and that fabulous gold-colored water bottle in our Holiday Superstar gift box are brandable - meaning you can have your company name or logo emblazoned on the them. This eye-catching gift box is also full of elegant items like high-quality pens and a delicious snack. This one’s a memorable gift box idea for any important client!


Wellness Journey

Wellness Journey Gift Box

Sometimes, VIPs are so busy taking care of business that they forget to take care of themselves. Our Wellness Journey Gift Box has everything needed to get them back on track. Each item compliments the other in this gorgeous gift box, from the brandable travel tumbler to the wellness “matchbook” that’s full of self-care prompts. A great way to let your most important clients know that you care about their well-being!

For all these gift ideas, remember to pair your gift with a note expressing your gratitude and appreciation for their business. Remember, authenticity is key in building and maintaining strong client relationships. If you’ve taken into consideration their individual likes and lifestyles, your gift is sure to be the most memorable! 


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