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The office break room is more than just a space to grab a cup of coffee or heat up lunch; it's a communal hub where colleagues can unwind, connect and recharge. Elevating this space with thoughtful and practical gifts can enhance team morale and create a positive work environment. Whether you're looking to celebrate a special occasion or simply want to show appreciation, shareable corporate gift ideas can transform the office break room into a haven of comfort and camaraderie.

What’s a shareable gift? It's a something (usually food) with a lot of variety, provided in volume, that benefits everyone in the office.

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A gift that’s meant for everyone is an inclusive gesture that lets your team members or client teams know that you value their contributions. While shareable gifts can take many forms, we’ve found the most useful and loved ones involve food and beverages. Perhaps that old adage about a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach is true? Here are some key reasons why food gifts are well-suited for the office break room:

Universal Appeal: Food is a universal pleasure, and it tends to have broad appeal across diverse tastes and preferences. Whether sweet or savory, healthy or indulgent, there's usually something for everyone when it comes to food gifts. This makes it a safe and well-received choice in a professional setting where people may have varying preferences.

Promotes Socialization: Sharing food naturally brings people together. When there are delicious snacks or treats in the breakroom, it creates opportunities for colleagues to gather, share a moment, and engage in casual conversations. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and helps build positive relationships among team members.

Boosts Morale: A well-stocked breakroom with delicious snacks and treats can boost employee morale. It provides a welcome break from work-related stress and offers a moment of enjoyment during the workday. This simple act of providing food can convey appreciation for employees' hard work and contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Encourages Breaks: Encouraging regular breaks is essential for employee well-being and productivity. Having food options readily available in the breakroom provides an additional incentive for employees to take breaks and step away from their desks. This can contribute to increased productivity and improved mental well-being.

Inclusivity: Food gifts can be chosen to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions, making them inclusive for a diverse group of employees. Whether someone prefers healthy snacks, has dietary restrictions, or enjoys indulgent treats, a well-curated selection can cater to different needs.

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Simple Gesture of Appreciation: Providing food gifts is a simple yet powerful gesture of appreciation. It communicates that the organization values its employees and wants to create a positive and enjoyable work environment. This can enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Now that we’ve so thoroughly explained why a shareable gift idea is necessary, let’s look at the best kinds of shareables. Choosing the right food gifts for the office break room involves finding a balance between universal appeal, convenience, and dietary considerations. There are a surprising number of choices!

We’ve got a number of options for you right here at Brightlane!

Snack Attack

The Brightlane offices are full of people who often get the munchies, so it’s pretty fitting that we created a big ol’ snack gift box of perfection. Snack Attack is filled with sweet, savory and salty snack foods that are meant-to-be-shared, whether it’s at someone’s desk or in a break room.

Family Game Night

Reliable sources tell us a game of dominoes can be played in 15 minutes or less. Even though we call this gift box “Family Game Night,” we think it’s also perfect for an office environment. The bright game box and yummy snacks can help to make your break room all the more welcoming!

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

This holiday-themed gift box is perfect for any time of the year, at least in our opinion. That’s because we designed this snack-packed gift box as a foodie’s dream. No matter if they prefer sweet or salty foods, this festive gift box has it all, and sometimes all at once. There’s even a delicious hot cocoa mix. A great holiday gift for your clients; you might consider ordering a lot of these fun gift boxes, so that your break room never runs out!

There are plenty more gift boxes to choose from at Brightlane, so you’re sure to find something the whole office will enjoy. Don’t forget, we also specialize in custom curated boxes, so let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.

When selecting food gifts for the office break room, it's essential to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies within the team. That doesn’t mean you should leave out food groups; just make sure to label items that contain dairy, nuts, or other common allergens. Your team members will thank you.

Opting for a variety of shareable gift options ensures that there's some kind of snack or beverage for everyone, promoting a positive and inclusive break room environment!

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