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Welcome to Brightlane! As your corporate gifting experts, we’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We’re the creative and experienced team that can help you create genuine connections with clients, employees and long-time customers, all through the intentional and colorful gifts we offer.

Those clients, employees and customers are are the people who want to feel seen and heard. In a word, appreciated. One of the best ways to show that appreciation, to attract more clients and partners, is through gifts. A simple company-branded hat or mug doesn’t cut it anymore and won’t do much to make your company memorable or show your commitment to quality. We believe the best gifts are exclusive, useful and specifically curated to reflect your recipients’ interests and personalities.

That sounds like a lot of effort, but this is where Brightlane can help. We’ve got a decade of experience in the corporate gifting world, backed with years of experience in retail sales. We do the bulk of the work for you, which means your part is painless and straightforward. We like to think you just sighed in relief right there!

We believe that corporate gifting is one of the most important parts of your business and should also be easy and fun. We’ve curated a collection of unique, striking gift boxes that are as exclusive as they are practical. These are the gifts your clients and employees will be thrilled to receive and will help to increase connections (and thereby retention and appreciation) of clients, customers, team members and employees.

Our corporate gift boxes span a wide range of topics and interests. From coffee to wine or cocktails, to food, pets, family fun and travel. We’ve got boxes specifically dedicated to new hires and new moms, as well as birthdays and anniversaries. We also have gift boxes with more general themes that are guaranteed to match just about any occasion.


Wellness Journey Gift Box

Wellness Journey Gift Box

This special gift box is dedicated to your recipient’s wellness journey. We’ve included a journal and fun pen (that lasts up to seven years!) so they can record their thoughts, as well as a travel tumbler so they can stay hydrated. There’s even a “matchbook” of prompts for self-care and wellness, making this the ideal onboarding gift.


Birthday Surprises Gift Box

Birthday Surprises Gift Box

Shouldn’t every birthday be filled with surprises? You’ll feel good about splurging on this stunning, curated birthday gift box, which comes with a confetti fountain, “surprise” ball (filled with vintage-inspired toys and other gifts), a high end travel mug, a plant grow kit and more. Perfect for client and employee appreciation, we think you should keep stock of these fun gift boxes so you’ll be ready for any birthday.

We have many more gift boxes to choose from in our catalog. And while we pride ourselves on not offering just another company mug, we know there are times when you want and need your logo on items for onboarding, client retention or customer appreciation. We have carefully vetted and selected vendors that offer quality products that can be branded as well as packaging options that will showcase your business in the best possible light.

Branded Travel Mugs
Ready to get started? We’ve made the process incredibly simple: it involves just two steps.

Step 1: Find the perfect gift

You can select gift boxes from our curated collection, or work with an account manager to create your own gift box options. The sky’s the limit as far as creativity is concerned. Our gifting experts are here to help. And we want to make YOU look good.

Step 2: Choose your delivery option

You can surprise your recipient at their door, desk or at an event. Or you can brighten up their inbox with a branded email. This allows them to choose a gift box from two or more choices, and then provide their preferred delivery address. 

And that’s our process. Easy peasy, as the saying goes. We like to make employee and client appreciation gifts as uncomplicated and joyful as possible because we know your time is valuable. Between our amazing collection of memorably colorful and useful gift boxes and our straightforward system, Brightlane is a trouble-free choice for all your corporate gifting needs.

Whether you know exactly what you want or still have questions, we’re ready to get started as soon as you are.


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